15 Dec 2013

Meet4App'e Davet

Erciyes Üniversitesi ACM Öğrenci Topluluğu olarak düzenlenmesinde görev aldığıımız Meet4App-Kayseri etkinliğimize katılımlarınızı bekliyoruz.

Microsoft ve Açık Akademi ana sponsorluğunda gerçekleştirilen "Meet4App" aynı zamanda Kayseri' de gerçekleştirilecek ilk hackhaton olma özelliği taşıyor.


Everyday between the dates of September 30 and October 4, ACM was organized as an activity upon installation of Linux Mint. We aim to help that the people starting to education recently get information about Linux and Open Source philosophy in the future. They can identfy their road-map. The people attending this event have come with their computer. Each computer has been especially installed and the information about Linux has been given. Someone who first join of our, first met with Linux. They are so exited for learning open source system. We read in their eyes.

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